UX and UI design of Optdin — create something slick and fun that makes it easy for users to use and enhance the overall UX.


We had a lot of fun designing this app, but it didn’t come without its challenges, we had to make sure that it looked modern, felt uncluttered and was easy to use.

To end up with good results it’s important to follow a strict process of research, sketching/wireframing and finally, designing.

As a startup, we felt it was important from the get-go that the app to felt familiar but also have its own unique UX and UI.

Here is a bit about the app:


Founded in April 2016 and based in London, UK, Optdin is the social dining app allowing people to easily meet new profile by sharing a tasty home cooked-meal. The aim of Optdin is simple: to offer people the possibility to break their day to day routine by sharing a meal with cool people living in London. In less than 2 minutes, you can create a profile and decide to host a meal or to join a table. It is a multi-sided platform allowing the host to post meals and choose the profile s/he wants to meet while the guest can select the table s/he wants to join. Optdin is now available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store!