Design BARE is a creative agency that challenges design. We are positive achievers and don’t disappoint. Our clients come first (yes even before pizza) and we go out of our way to make sure we go above and beyond to deliver on their aspirations on each project. We are obsessed with creating, crafting and achieving exciting and innovative ideas.

We have a simple mission; to work with our clients to make their company stand out.


A logo needs to be something that is simple, memorable and stands out.

As the first visual point of contact for potential customers, it is so important it expresses who you are in the right way.

A quick online search will result in a million people claiming to design you a brilliant and cheap logo. A great logo that is original and that will stand the test of time takes a lot of skill and many hours to create.

The creation process always starts with paper and pencil. We draw out as many ideas as possible before taking the best picks to refine and enhance on the computer.

Branding and Graphic Design.

Brand consistency is key. All branding must be instantly recognisable, whether its the Coca-Cola red or the McDonalds yellow - your brand must have it’s own unique and consistent style.

We want your brand to reflect your values, so that when your potential customers see your brand, they can quickly identify and trust it - a brand is a promise on a service.

Our branding process begins with getting to know you and your customers - we will do this with a number of meetings and research into both your likes and dislikes to help us do this we have designed a system called Look Book.

If you need brochures, newsletters, flyers or leaflets - we can help. We love design and can create for you beautiful prints to give your customers a real wow factor when they get their hands on it.

Web Design.

Simplicity is essential to having a good website. We strive to design and develop simple, clean and extremely functional websites from which your customers can buy your product with ease.

With people making snap judgements from the moment they land on your page it is vital that it works and conveys the right message from the top to the bottom of the page.

Your website has to have a natural flow and logical sitemap, so clients can easily navigate and enjoy the experience of your website.

Before we begin to create your new and wonderful website, we will set out a clear brief, followed by a high fidelity mockup so you are 100% satisfied with the direction we are taking before we begin to develop the website. Simple, clean and effective.

Social Media.

It is the easiest and most effective way to speak to your clients. They can interact with you and keep up to date with any content you share, it is a much more personal way to reach your customers.

It is becoming an increasingly more effective tool to sell to your followers and it is incredibly important that your social media content is relevant and regularly updated so they know you exist.

We can manage your social media pages and create an effective marketing strategy to increase traffic to your website and increase revenue.

Let's work together on something